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Peacocks & pigeon shit This promise-the shit they won’t let you keep. Their eyes won’t shut, and did you see the explosions? But you think about nothing, and you say: How can you think about that? And it shows. The ultimate said as a promise. The ultimate said as unbroken. The ultimate said as unused. Wave goodbye, your ultimate promise: the people and shit that you keep. Hamster Emotions rise as I stagger, did I tell you I’m sorry, I’m wrong? Did I tell you you’re wrong? They’ll bury the cross without your name. They don’t give a shit about you. I’ll bury the cross in your name. Your Chewbacca boots are making me thirsty Rats of youth. I’ve watched you smile. Raw emotion, what’s that? Penis on a washcloth Remember when he was schlepped out? The relationship I called you or rather? Ah excuse me it’s the matter at hand. I’ve never tolerated this type of shit before. The shoveling on-sight begins. The people standing around you, the violence… you believe that? Believe it. You say they’re calling your name. The violence in light that surrounds you, the tension remains. Why Can’t I say that? What happens next? Scabs and scars Take the chance; I’ll pick the scabs for you. (Bodies and limbs, fractured skulls) Cardboard coffins Cardboard coffins are piling higher and higher. The task is over, but please-keep on digging. Yes deeper and deeper…as the gap widens smiling faces are turning over. Hey Optimism, you’re children-they’re dead. Clearance Clarence Clearance of chance, oh how mighty tales! These tails are cut short. An opportunistic lifestyle, and the goals you once had and you once sought. Oh but they’ll drag you down.

Your hopes and your dreams and your children’s white smiles…they’ll be wiped clean.Goals? What are you bleeding for? Dreams? Bullshit. Cheeseburger in paradise I don’t know what you’ve said; I’ve had to struggle like you did. I’ll follow you.Right about now…let go. I’ll follow you. Cocaine dinner party This disease-it runs true. Thrash bash monster mash It’s over now, I can’t be sure. I’ve seen your face-split open. Red-carpet smiles. Ah, and when you stutter, you know I like it so. Thrash your face. Smash your face. Bruce Gather ‘round ladies and gentleman, for the crowning achievement of a once passed-down career. Perhaps a notion of failure-maybe of slipping away? A crowd gathers around…did you see that, but did you hear it? The stomping, they’re begging for more. Plan b potpourri I’m sorry to say, “That in remembering, I’ve forgotten now.” Imagine that. Do you remember now? I’m begging you. Imagine that. Spleen Cuisine

Simply stated, oh my! Another victim wasted. Another victim, crouching over, crouching over, it bleeds. What is this, we’re buying time for what? You’re buying time. Listen to me. Come closer. How now brown Cow? Unmistakably clean as it showers down from you. All your confidence, shout down. Your arrogant confidence-showered down. How now, what about brown cow? What about him? They shot him. Confidence has been slashed apart.

Thermos In the case of the matter, the facts laid down, you’re still passed down-You should be forewarned.

All these half-truths… an understanding. They’ve got your face and noses to the floor. You say the truth? They’re quickly spinning lies. You’ve got problems, you know for sure? I know for sure. What matters now, the deed is done. I saw them counting four: four ,three, two, one. Psychedelic Mushrooms Ladies and gentleman the time has come for you now. Blood stained streets, the stars & stripes of your flag? They’re burnt black. Strain and sorrow of our people

Burning, dragging you down. Shoulders and faces…worn-beaten, this culture is bringing you down. Nothing repeats. These sullen faces-time to let go of your future. Daggers in the Air No place to go- for you “Georgie” boy. Hey old man, think you’re clever? Well it’s clear to us-your fate is set. Don’t struggle, daggers drawn. Blood splatters, your days are done. Daggers in the air-we say you’re fucked. Days of olde Remembrance. Black out. Step aside-regulations aside. I don’t know, play it forward, did you hear that sound? That sound in your ear- as you push these regulations aside. Touch me gently Swallowed whole. I’ve got problems. And my violent streak has gone astray, fuck you too! I’ve got a gun, you said it’s loaded? You’ve got a gun, I see its loaded now. All night Garage sale Standing blind. I still can’t comprehend the changes, all these changes. Right foot down in your grave. Options, those options? They’re gone

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