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Welcome to the news section folks. Here you will find all sorts of goodies from the archives.

Spain Tour May 2007

We will be in Spain from May 17th-May 28th touring in a cramped fiat-like station wagon, meeting amazing people and bands along the way, check out the show listing for dates and venues.

Split 12” with Tigershark (RVA)

We are currently recording for a split record with our “brothers from different mothers” Tigershark! Released on Molsook Records on both vinyl and CD, we will have 7 new songs, 11 total for us… 5 new songs from Tigershark. Lime green and Orange/black splattered vinyl!

T-shirts and CD’s

New shirts are made! All sorts of colors! CD’s are being repressed! Check them out in the merchandise section.

Slug & Lettuce Review

"The fucking second coming of MOHINDER! These tracks are chaotic and absolutely all over the place and the singer's anguished screams and howls bring to mind virtually the entire Gravity Records catalog. This is a breath of something totally fresh, even though it sounds so familiar. The songs are almost all under the one minute mark, but they string together like one huge opus. Layers of guitars and a bass distorted to oblivion...but the drums really blow these tunes to outer space; heavy as hell and fucking schizophrenic. The whole thing is over in 10 minutes, and after that there is nothing left but you pulling yourself up off the floor. I have to mention MOHINDER again, even though the more I listen the less it sounds like them. This FEELS like the first time I heard truly insane music with little framewok and even fewer rules. I can't review anything else today. Fucking stellar." (-Robert, Slug & Lettuce Fanzine. Autumn 2006 Issue #89)

Slug and Lettuce liken this to the second coming of Mohinder and while there is a definite Gravity records feel, well, Mohinder were Mohinder. Still this stacks up. If someone posted a prison riot on You Tube and slowed down the footage so you could see every graphic shanking and head butt this would make for a good soundtrack. This or Snoop. Interesting story about this band. At an anti war benefit these guys played at the guest Iraqi activist/speaker fled after their set because it sounded too much like music US troops play in the tanks.(?)

Village Voice Article

We had a mention in the Village Voice!

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