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Apeshit were a group of young noisemakers from Brooklyn with an original sound. They were loud, energetic, fast, and brash, with a backbeat of manic drums and hooky riffs. Their musical style called on punk, metal, grind, and doom with little restraint. These guys were a full-frontal assault of style and rhythm. Apeshit was signed with indie record label MolSook Records+Mother Chorizo Records and have several videos available on youtube.

They hit the New York scene in 2005 and quickly gained fame, playing local gigs and earning some media attention through 2010, when they announced via the MySpace page that the band would be on hiatus for 4 to 6 months following a biking accident. The band's drummer, Dave, broke his hip. The band was optimistic about returning to the scene, and offered continued support to other area bands, but there has been no update since.

Who they are

¡Apeshit! enjoys the uncommon...the unexpected...the real enigmas of this world. We play shows in bars, warehouses, living rooms, saunas, basements, bathrooms, truck stops and anywhere dopplegangers hang out. Get in touch as we would love to meet you. Pat loves you, all of you. Oh, the funtimes that we shall share with you and your loved ones in the very near future.

In 1989 C.B missed his sister's high school graduation because he went and saw The Dead Milkmen. Please listen to The Dead Milkmen.





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